News Breakfast
GenreBreakfast news program
Presented byMichael Rowland
Lisa Millar
Theme music composerColin Kiddy
Country of originAustralia
Original languageEnglish
Executive producerTyson Shine
Production locationsMelbourne, Victoria
Running time180 minutes (3 hours)
Original release
NetworkABC Family (2008–2011)
ABC News (2010–present)
ABC TV (2011–present)
Release3 November 2008 (2008-11-03) –

News Breakfast is an Australian news breakfast television program. It is broadcast on ABC TV and ABC News channel from 6:00 am to 9:00 am AEST/AEDT on weekdays and is hosted by Michael Rowland and Lisa Millar. The program is also streamed live on ABC iView and the Australia Network throughout the Asia-Pacific region.


The program commenced broadcasting on 3 November 2008 as ABC News Breakfast on ABC2, with hosts Virginia Trioli, Barrie Cassidy (Monday-Thursday) and Joe O'Brien (Friday), sport presenter Paul Kennedy and weather presenter Vanessa O'Hanlon.[1][2]

News Breakfast is currently hosted by Michael Rowland and Lisa Millar and is broadcast on ABC TV and ABC News. They are joined by news presenter Bridget Brennan, sport presenter Tony Armstrong and weather presenter Nate Byrne. Tyson Shine is the program's executive producer.

In January 2009, O'Brien replaced Cassidy as a full-time co-host with Cassidy continuing to appear on the program providing political commentary.

In June 2010, Michael Rowland replaced O'Brien, who moved back to Sydney to present ABC News Mornings on ABC News 24.

In May 2011, the program moved to the ABC, with children's programming moving to ABC2 and ABC3.

In November 2011, it was announced that the ABC News Breakfast brand would expand to the weekend with Weekend Breakfast hosted by Andrew Geoghegan and Miriam Corowa.[3]

In January 2014, ABC News Breakfast had an extensive makeover, launching a larger new and improved set with three different individual presenting areas. The set includes a news desk, a newswall presenting area and a soft set with seating. The new set kept the existing couch that has been seen on air since the show's launch.

In April 2017, following the refresh of the ABC News brand, the show rebranded to News Breakfast.[4]

In May 2019, Trioli announced she will leave News Breakfast to replace Jon Faine as the Mornings presenter on ABC Radio Melbourne.[5]

In June 2019, the ABC announced that Lisa Millar would succeed Virginia Trioli, commencing on 19 August.[6] Trioli finished on the show on 16 August.[7]

In November 2023, the ABC announced that Bridget Brennan will join the show as news presenter and co-host the show one day per week whilst Lisa Millar works on other projects.[8][9]


News Breakfast covers the latest news, analysis, debate, finance, sport and weather. It draws upon the resources of ABC newsrooms and radio programs across Australia and the world.

The program is broadcast live on ABC in the states of New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and Tasmania all-year round. It is broadcast on a 30-minute delay in South Australia (all-year) and the Northern Territory (wintertime). On wintertime, Queensland broadcasts the program live, while Western Australia airs the program on a two-hour delay.

During summer, when only some Australian states adopt daylight saving time, Queensland receives the program on a one-hour delay, a 90-minute delay in the Northern Territory and on a three-hour delay in Western Australia. Either way, the ABC News channel broadcasts the program live across Australia from 6:00 am AEST/AEDT.

Weekend Breakfast[edit]

Weekend Breakfast is a mix of live breaking news and discussion, interviews with newsmakers and the weekend sport and weather hosted by Johanna Nicholson and Fauziah Ibrahim.[10] The show began on 4 February 2012 and airs from 7:00 am to 11:00 am on weekend mornings on the ABC News channel. It is simulcast on the ABC TV on Sunday mornings from 7:00 am to 9:00 am.

The Breakfast Couch[edit]

The Breakfast Couch is a highlights show which covers the best arts and entertainment chats from the previous week on News Breakfast. The show began on 12 August 2017.

Presenters and reporters[edit]

News Breakfast[edit]

Presenter Role Tenure
Michael Rowland Co-host 2010–present
Lisa Millar Co-host 2019–present
Bridget Brennan News 2023–present
Tony Armstrong Sport 2021–present
Nate Byrne Weather 2017–present

Weekend Breakfast[edit]

Presenter Role Tenure
Kathryn Robinson Co-host 2019–present
Fauziah Ibrahim Co-host 2020–present
Jared Coote Sport 2019–present
Daniela Intili Sport 2019–present

Fill-in presenters[edit]

Current presenters who have been fill-in hosts or co-hosts of News Breakfast in recent times include James Glenday, David Speers, Ali Moore, Bridget Brennan, Stephanie Ferrier, Catherine Murphy, Margaret Paul, Iskhandar Razak, Fauziah Ibrahim and Emma Rebellato.

Fill-in presenters for other roles:

Other presenters who have either filled in presenting News Breakfast in the past include Jeremy Fernandez, Kumi Taguchi, Del Irani, Paul Kennedy, Emma Alberici, Hamish Macdonald, Mary Gearin, Madeleine Morris, Zoe Daniel, John Barron, Georgie Tunny, Greg Jennett, Sara James, Beverley O'Connor, Tracee Hutchison, Frances Bell, Karina Carvalho, Melissa Clarke and Tamara Oudyn.

Former presenters[edit]

News Breakfast[edit]

Presenter Role Tenure
Barrie Cassidy Co-host 2008
Joe O'Brien Co-host 2008–2010
Vanessa O'Hanlon Weather 2008–2016
Del Irani Finance 2015–2019
Virginia Trioli Co-host 2008–2019
Paul Kennedy Sport 2008–2021
Madeleine Morris Finance 2019–2023

Weekend Breakfast[edit]

Presenter Role Tenure
Miriam Corowa Co-host 2012–2018
Andrew Geoghegan Co-host 2012–2019
Josh Szeps Co-host 2019
Johanna Nicholson Co-host 2019-2023


The program features a number of regular segments and guests which appear each morning discussing the latest news and politics.


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